Quelques mots sur la loi contre les fakenews dans USNews

Pour ceux que ça intéresse, je dis quelques mots en anglais sur la loi contre les fausses informations dans cet article de US News.

« Many people are afraid the definition (of the proposed law) would be too broad or that it could set up precedents that allow the government to reduce freedom of speech, » says Tristan Mendès France, a French journalist and professor of new media at Sorbonne University.

« This ban is fighting against an information ecosystem far beyond (a government’s) own capacities, » Mendès France says. Private organizations, he says, can more effectively counter fake news, pointing to groups such as Reporters Sans Frontières, a Le Monde team dedicated to debunking fake news, and the Sleeping Giants initiative, which, Mendès France says, has « managed to suck millions of dollars from fake news organizations. »

Still, even imperfect legislation has benefits, Mendès France says. « The positive thing is it sends a message to the general public that the government is taking this seriously. »